eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Double Revenue per Sale


Lisa the Knowledge Bot advises Buyers on TCO and ROI of Solutions not Products


Solve Business Problems and Sell Solutions Not Products

Revenue per Sale
Delay in Advisement


How do you influence demand earlier when the buyer is 70% of the way through the decision making process before contacting a rep?

Traditional Approach:

PowerPoints, Videos, Case Studies & White Papers have limited ability to influence demand:

  • Buyers do not take the time to read
  • Buyers are reluctant to provide contact info
  • Content does not calculate benefit or give recommendations for each specific buyer problems
  • Difficult to measure ROI

eXalt Knowledge Bots:

  • Digital Advisor: Weaponizes static digital assets (case studies, white papers and data sheets) by making them intelligent and interactive.
  • Digital Analyst: Measures utilization & upsell results


  • Makes any user an expert with interactive advisor
  • Influence Demand Earlier
  • Increase Attach Rates
  • Increase Win Rates
  • Measures Conversion & ROI better than PDF or Video.

The launch of our new product line was a major milestone for our company and we wanted to be sure our customers and partners had all the tools they needed to fully capitalize on our latest data center innovations. The advice provided to our customers by the eXalt Knowledge Bots has been a critical component in the initial success of our new product rollout

-Marketing Manager of a Large Semiconductor Company


eXalt Knowledge Bots recently guided a customer to a higher end server solution than they were previously considering.

  1. Benefit to Buyer: Customer consolidated their server footprint by 40% with increased performance. It demonstrated that purchasing a higher end system actually saved themover $500,000 in 4 year TCO.
  2. Benefit to OEM: : Increased revenue by over $500,000.
    • Revenue from sale of newer generation hardware was twice the amount of the original proposal.
    • Digital Advisors are attracting more visitors