• Knowledge is Power

    Outperform your competitors

    Hire eXalt Knowledge Bots

  • Knowledge is Scale

    Turn 1 person into a team and set up your employees for success

    Hire eXalt Knowledge Bots

  • Knowledge is Growth

    Sell smarter and faster, powered by the latest advancements in AI

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  • Knowledge is Profit

    Effortlessly increase the quality, quantity and conversion of sales leads

    Hire eXalt Knowledge Bots

  • Remake your Company to Compete in The New AI Based Economy

    eXalt’s Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) Platform gives you profitable growth in the AI Age

    Hire eXalt Knowledge Bots

  • Customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise

    without interacting with a human by 2020.


  • Automation of Knowledge Work will have an economic impact of $5-7 trillion

    by the year 2025 and will touch more than 230 million knowledge workers,

    nine percent of the workforce.




AI Powered Sales Funnel

A Smarter Way to Grow

Create an AI-Powered Sales and Marketing Funnel

eXalt Knowledge Bots change the landscape of business interaction by weaving a fabric of Digital Threads from sales through delivery.



Analyst Coverage on eXalt's AI Powered B2B Sales

The 451 take: "the complexities in B2B sales give eXalt a lead in this emerging space"

It’s Easy to Add AI Knowledge Bots to Your Team

Painless and Rapid Hiring, Training and Deployment

Knowledge Bots can be hired without delay, trained in less time than human workers and deployed throughout your organization with unlimited scale.

We train each Knowledge Bot in your business process and rules


Radio Entrepreneurs

Hear our CEO Leslie Swanson speak with Radio Entrepreneurs about how eXalt's Knowledge Bots can be hired without delay; trained in less time than human workers; and deployed throughout your organization with unlimited scale. Click to listen

Different Knowledge Bots for Different Jobs On Demand

Better Together – Produce more at a level of quality that can only be produced as a team

Imagine cloning the mindsets and skills of your best experts so that key skills are never lost and best practices are defined and kept safe.   Even better, this fully integrated mindset is continuously learning new ways to solve problems - improving the skills of your team in the blink of an eye.




Help buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve problems.




Remake your operational flow by making businesses more connected to themselves and others.




Gain visibility and anticipate and act on change.

Knowledge Work As a Service (KWaaS) Platform

Designed to Deliver the Right Digital Team On-Demand to Assist Organizations of any Size in Any Industry


Our Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) Platform builds a digital workforce of Knowledge Bots that can be cloned to scale up or down to handle any workload as you need them. What used to be outsourced can now be automated with Knowledge Bots for a fraction of the cost and fewer errors.

Instead of hiring more, get more out of what you have.

Knowledge Bots never get sick, take vacations or quit – giving your organization unlimited scale

Knowledge Workers at Scale

Knowledge Workers at Scale

Access an Unlimited Software-Defined Flexible Workforce

eXalt’s AI Knowledge Bots unlock human bottlenecks that hold your business back by providing expertise instantly in a consistent, actionable and scalable form.

Unlike human labor, an unlimited number of Knowledge Bots can be replicated instantly at low cost.

No more delays, peak load bottlenecks, talent shortages or turnover issues.