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At first glance, seeing a statistic that 85% our customer relationships will be managed without a human seems improbable. And one could think that the only market where this is a possibility is in B2C where Amazon has shown the power of self-service and its ability to improve customer satisfaction. Most people in B2B think that “Humanless” is not a possibility in B2B sales due to the product and solution complexity and tremendous rate of change. However, B2B has several dynamics which may make it even better suited for placing intelligent digital agents in the front lines of the customer relationship.
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By leveraging Advisors and Recommendation Engines companies are able to scale knowledge and expertise through a vast world-wide channel in a fraction of the time and expense of traditional methods. AI driven Advisors are a fundamentally a new approach to scaling sales. Unlike simple product selectors AI based Advisors and Recommendation Engines help solve real business problems faced by customers. Companies that empower their customers to make smarter decisions and solve real business problems will grow faster using newer AI knowledge based systems.
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At the same time we are hearing about AI’s rapid advancements, we also hear the horror stories of failed Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) implementations with excessive cost overruns, heavy customization, never ending content maintenance and an inability to communicate well with third-party software.
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1776 teaches the most important lessons about leveraging innovation to win when the stakes could hardly have been higher.
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Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) is a disruptive digital platform for B2B companies. Learn how to build a sustainable competitive advantage with KWaaS.
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The traditional B2B sales process is notoriously slow with many knowledge gaps that are bridged by high-touch manual labor across a vast partner ecosystem. Recent digital trends have built into a massive disruptive tsunami - forcing B2B companies to move away from traditional sales methods or face certain destruction.
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The business world is accelerating. The digital age is driving change at an unprecedented rate requiring that B2B companies adapt to the current digital age. Leveraging new knowledge based platforms to close the gaps in how knowledge flows to buyers and employees can give companies the competitive edge necessary to survive.
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Make Your Sales Opportunities Run Like Self Driving Cars   Sales productivity is the number one challenge for 65% of B2B
December 12, 2016 - READ MORE
Four Ways Digital Advisors Drive Improved Lead Generation Quantity and Quality
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Digital Checklist to Boost B2B Sales with Knowledge Work as a Service   I have created a checklist of actions B2B companies can take to boost sales by leveraging a Knowledge Work as a Service Platform:
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8 Common Digital Labor Myths - Debunked Over the last few years, I have met with executives in B2B Vendors, distributors and resellers and I have heard many objections as to why they don’t need to act quickly on automating the high touch manual work in their sales process.  Some of these myths that keep companies stuck in "business as usual" are outlined below.
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12 Lessons Every B2B Company can Learn from Dominos about Boosting Digital Sales I just read the news today that “Domino's Pizza sales soar despite fast-food slowdown “.  This one paragraph really puts the magnitude of their success into perspective:
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5 Books to Shape your 2017 Knowledge Work Automation Strategies and Budgets
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How to Calculate the ROI of Digital Transformation in B2B Sales The key question in digital transformation may not be “What is the ROI?” but instead “Do you have a choice?”
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How to Navigate Around the Top Pitfalls in Digital Transformation   John T. Chambers, the outgoing President and CEO of Cisco, recently made the following statement about digital transformation:
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Why you need to bring in a Trusted Advisor Now for your Digital Transformation Initiatives Adapting to change poses one of the greatest risks to companies. In this era of digital transformation research is showing that the major roadblocks to becoming a "Digital First" organization are people:
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Why are B2B Companies Giving Buyers a B2C Experience and Think it's OK? B2B marketing and sales has been turned upside down in the new Digital Economy. Buyers want to self-serve without getting on the phone as it - saves time - provides flexibility to work at their own hours - avoids the pressure of talking to a sales rep - empowers them to examine more choices than is possible over the phone
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