Our Story

Mission and History

Our Mission

Our mission is to make business digital first by making processes digital end-to-end without human touch enabling companies to sell more, more profitably.  Our patented Knowledge Work as a Service (KWaaS) cloud platform offers three digital pillars: Digital Front Doors where buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve their problems, Digital Threads to make businesses more connected to themselves and each other resulting in agility and Digital Decisions that offer improved visibility and can anticipate and act on change.  eXalt’s philosophy is Better Together where humans and digital labor produce more at a higher level of quality as a team – giving our customers unlimited scale.

"90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy"

MIT Sloan and Capgemini

Early adopters of digital transformation are achieving 9%+ revenue creation, 26% impact to profitability, and 12% market valuation.

MIT Sloan and Capgemini

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Our History

Observation: Technology Sales - Where the shoemaker's children go barefoot

eXalt Solutions was founded in 2001 after observing that high technology solutions were being sold in a very low-tech way – selling products instead of solutions using very slow manual high-touch processes.

We got started building “tools” or “configuration rule engines” so sales reps with little experience could sell and blend hardware, software and services with ease for a single vendor.


eXalt Removes the Major Impediment to Sales - Too Many "Tools"

We then discovered that the issue wasn’t a lack of tools, but that there were too many – every vendor provided one or many siloed tools that would not talk to each other as a result they went unused. Even worse nothing is sold alone and customer demand for combining vendor products often went unmet.

This lead eXalt to change the solutions building experience and make a name for itself as the leader in building Solutions Sales Portals powering the world’s largest technology channel sites and helping sellers weave together multi-vendor solutions with a goof-proof rules engine customized for each company’s business rules in a single platform.

In developing these portals for Vendors, Distributors and Resellers we were helping them begin to digitally transform their enterprises before digital transformation was a concept. Increasing scale and velocity has been our core business for 15 Years.


The World has Changed Dramatically with Customer Self-Service and We Must Change with it!

Now with the digital economy customers just don’t expect but demand self-service. Today sales reps are often not looped in until buyers are 2/3rd of the way through the decision process. The era of outbound telephone sales has been turned upside down. Pricing and margins are compressed and profitable growth requires no-touch processes.

We continue our mission with our Knowledge Work as a Service Platform (KWaaS). We are passionate about helping companies scale in the digital age where survival depends on meeting customer expectations for personalized advisory and self-service experiences without delays in the back office.

Our platform is smarter than ever before - empowering your customer with personalized and actionable knowledge customized to your business rules. Our platform is more connected than ever before - each visit builds a digital thread to let you conduct business without borders inside and outside your company.  Our platform is more decision oriented than before – each digital thread is self-aware and can make decisions or predict trends for you.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive as the time for Knowledge Work Automation is now.