Customer Interaction Management (CIM)

Digital Sales Agents

Provide a Personalized Self-Service Experience Tailored for each Customer

Become the Amazon of the Enterprise

Imagine your customers working with a personalized self service site giving them the same assistance they would get from a team of the world’s best experts across multiple brands for Enterprise Solutions.

Buyers get tailored solutions blended from multiple brands instead of a simple catalog customer experience where they pick SKUs one by one.

81% of companies place personalized customer experience in their top three priorities with 39% reporting it as their top priority.


The Benefits For You

Benefits of Customer Interaction Management
# Get in Earlier in the Sales Process

In the new Digital Era, Sales reps are often not looped in Until buyers are 2/3rd of the way though the decision process. (Pace Productivity)

With eXalt users have access to more than simple selectors. Instead you provide prospects relevant and helpful content to build relationships and impact future buying decisions with a rich environment of self service advisers and ROI calculations. The software does the thinking for them allowing you to influence demand early.

# Improve Customer Experience

70% expect a web Amazon Self Service experience. For questions 27% prefer phone 56% self service. (SSI)

With eXalt users can get the personalized customer experience they expect.
Customer experience is transformed as your company becomes the "easiest to do business with". With self service customers don't have to wait endlessly on the phone just to build tailored solutions.

# Grow Web Sales and Conversion

43% want bespoke promotions. 48% personalized offers. 62% faster purchase in exchange of client data. (SSI)

Personalized Self Service allows customers to do it themselves. In cases where buyers need assistance there is a guided customer experience or an opportunity to transfer to a live resource. Each interaction gives the sales force only qualified leads. What's more users build larger solutions when allowed to do it themselves.

60% of companies surveyed indicate they are seeing a positive ROI on their investment in personalization technologies.Accenture

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