Partner Interaction Management (PIM)

Digital Administrators

Eliminate High Touch in Back Office Transactions

Conduct Business without Borders

Industries have become interconnected collaborative ecosystems managed by email and manual entry.

Let eXalt’s cloud platform route requests to any endpoint inside our outside your company and track responses. Eliminate the high touch operation of homegrown spreadsheets, email, screens and tools inside and outside the company. No more bottlenecks during peak demand at Quarter or Year End.

4 out of 5 Believe that in the future, industry boundaries will dramatically blur as platforms reshape industries into interconnected ecosystems.


The Benefits For You

Benefits of Partner Interaction Management
# Become a Borderless Enterprise

Companies are transitioning from workforce to crowdsource. Accenture.

eXalt allows you to collaborate seamlessly inside and outside your company with people and technology.

# Route Requests to any Endpoint

Consumerization of products and services is trending toward lower prices and margin requiring LOWER TOUCH Business Models.

eXalt’s Virtual Administrators can make routing decisions directing requests to the appropriate person or system according to your business rules. The platform can talk directly to the plethora of internal/external tools, portals, email addresses and collect responses.

# Monitor Responses from any Source

72% Expect that within two years, they will see broad adoption of industry platforms that will integrate data with digital partners.

No more lack of visibility of the traffic that is trapped inside of emails, voicemail and foreign portals. Now you have a full audit trail and can measure SLA’s within processes. No more responses falling between the cracks. All communication is made digital and tracked and measured inside and outside your company.

eXalt keeps you ahead of the pace of change as

companies transition from a workforce to a crowdsource

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