Sales Interaction Management (SIM)

Digital Sales Assistants

Knowledge is Power

Reimagine Your Salesforce

Every day sales executives are pressured to sell more without increasing expense while buyers expect reps to be fountains of knowledge and tech savvy. eXalt solves this crisis in scale by deploying virtualized sales assistants that help human sales reps during every conversation.

This collaboration of humans and machines is the only way to scale as product breadth and complexity grows every day.

45.4% of Sales Professionals don’t meet their quota.

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The Benefits For You

Benefits of Sales Interaction Management
# Give Reps More Time to Sell

Just 22% of a typical sales rep’s week is focused on selling. Pace Productivity

eXalt’s Digital Sales Assistants cuts 78% of the time spent qualifying a sale, preparing the solution and gathering and entering all of the downstream tasks

# Change the Conversation

74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add UNIQUE value. (Corporate Visions)

Sales managers have found that a leading reason reps miss their quota is due to their inability to add value and starting relevant conversations with buyers

# Sell Solutions Not Products

Nothing is Sold Alone


eXalt’s Digital Sales Agents Help Build Complete Solutions with Strong Attach of Hardware, Software and Services.

Sell Better Together

Sales Collaboration with humans and software

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