Technical Interaction Management (TIM)

Digital Engineering Assistants

Make Everyone an Expert

Democratize Knowledge and Skills

eXalt’s Knowledge Bases shift skill sets so that other employees can approach technical tasks that were previously reserved for specialists.

Cloning the mindsets of your best experts and giving them a virtual presence in each step of your sales process empowers both customers and sales reps.

Give Presales Engineers back 80% of their time spent on low end transactions and administrative work.

The Benefits For You

Benefits of Technical Interaction Management
# Collaboration with Sales

Strong sellers ….rely on collective skills in ways that weren’t possible just a few short years ago. HBR

eXalt’s facilitates seamless collaboration insuring each task is directed to the right channel and right worker. Workers expect these types of “social applications” embedded into the core business processes.

# Drive Best Practices

Digital Labor “Democratizes” Knowledge shifting tasks previously reserved for specialists to business users – making everyone an expert.

eXalt Helps you Build a Shared Knowledge Base of Reusable Reference designs, Qualification Questions and Best Practices. Engineers and Sales no longer have to reinvent the wheel with every sale. Each sale is properly qualified avoiding iterations and errors.

# High End Talent for High End Sales

Presales Engineers only spend 20% of their time on High End Sales – the rest is lost in low end transaction support & admin work

eXalt’s Virtual Engineers and Actionable Knowledge Repositories insure that Expensive Engineers address Large not Small orders.

Technology is no longer a set of Tools it is a

Partner in a new collaborative workforce

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