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AI-Based Customer Interaction Management (CIM)

How AI in Marketing Empowers a Frictionless Customer Experience

Today B2B Buyers are empowered with more information than ever and are almost 70% of the way through the decision process before they even contact a sales rep. (Pace Productivity)

Customers expect to get answers to their questions, fast. And they prefer companies that make it easy to work together to solve their business problems over those that don’t.

Companies that are still trying to engage with customers and partners using simple websites, provide advice and generate leads with static digital assets (white papers, case studies, power points) or enable collaboration with simple email risk losing their customer base.

Deploying AI in marketing to empower buyers to self-serve is the only way to influence demand upfront and insure you are not left out of the sale!

Imagine your customers working with a personalized self-service advisor giving them the same guidance and assistance they would get from a team of the world’s best experts.

eXalt’s Knowledge Bots put AI in Marketing by weaponizing your digital assets - static white papers, case studies, PDFs, Power Points, spreadsheets are turned into interactive digital advisors in web or chat form.

By creating a frictionless customer experience with seamless collaboration you’ll attract more visitors, measure and improve customer experience, generate higher quality leads with significantly higher conversion.

You will be able to engage customers at scale.

81% of companies place personalized customer experience in their top three priorities with 39% reporting it as their top priority.


The Benefits For You

Benefits of AI-Based Customer Interaction Management

Get In Earlier in the Sales Process
In the new Digital Era, Sales reps are often not looped in until buyers are 2/3rd of the way through the decision process. (Pace Productivity)

Knowledge Bots make sure that you attract more visitors by becoming the “go to” spot for solution knowledge. Knowledge Bots engage buyers with a rich environment of self-service advisers that solve business problems. By providing interactive advisors you build relationships, influence future buying decisions and insure you are not left out of the sale. Traditional static pdfs, power points do not give the instantaneous response buyers expect and need.

Create a Frictionless Customer Experience
70% expect a web Amazon Self Service experience. For questions 27% prefer phone 56% self-service. (SSI)

With Knowledge Bots users can get the personalized and frictionless customer experience they expect.

Customer experience management is transformed as your company becomes the “easiest to do business with”. With self service, customers don’t have to wait endlessly on the phone just to build tailored solutions

Grow Web Sales & Conversion
43% want bespoke promotions. 48% personalized offers. 62% faster purchase in exchange of client data. (SSI)

Customer experience management allows customers to do it themselves. In cases where buyers need assistance there is a guided customer experience or an opportunity to transfer to a live resource. Each interaction gives the sales force only qualified leads. What’s more users build larger solutions when allowed to do it themselves.

Case Studies of AI in Marketing

Influence Demand Earlier

Grow Revenues by Solving Buyer Business Problems

Lisa Becomes buyer's trusted advisor with Value Based Solution Recommendations
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Prove Your Value in Every Buyer Discussion

Lead with Value not Price with Value Based Messaging

Katy Focuses Buyer Conversations on Value with Interactive TCO/ROI Justification
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Improve Lead Generation

Create Constant Flow of Fresh High Quality Leads Direct to Sales Desks

Martin Builds meaningful lead pipeline with AI
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Proactively Engage Buyers with Messages They Find Valuable

Send Less Emails and Get More Results

Dave Targets buyers with right message at right time via Personalized EMAIL
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Attract and Convert More Visitors

Use Next Generation Inbound - Give Before you Get Buyer Information

Ted Engages Buyers on their Terms and Builds Trust and Cuts Bounce Rates
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Gain Greater Insight into CEX

Measure and Improve CEX along the Entire Buyer Journey

Matt Continuously Improves CEX by Measuring What Matters Most
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Identify Product and Pricing Sweet Spots

Shape Demand and Gain Market Share

Nancy Ensures Buyers find their ideal choices by finding what matters most
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