eXalt helps Fortune 500 Company Identify What's working and what needs improvement in Customer Experience


Dave the Knowledge Bot builds listening points along the customer journey


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Listening Points
Higher NPS Score


How to conduct NPS Surveys for a large B2B Enterprise and create listening points along all points of Customer Journey inside a multi-tier world-wide channel sales network.

Traditional Approach:

Traditional NPS deployment and email distribution of NPS survey makes Customer Experience measurement difficult:

  • Lack Visibility of Channel differences:  Inability to deploy surveys and  measure differences at different points in the channel.
  • Lack of Multiple Modes:  More Modes get higher response rates (EMAIL, Web and Chat).
  • Lack of Continuous Reporting: Sudden shifts in NPS not detected.
  • Lack of Automated Routing: Route Negative users to right resources.
  • Lack of Geographic Visibility:  International requires translation.

eXalt Knowledge Bots:

  • Digital Advisor: Dynamic Surveys deployed at all points in the customer journey in any language.  Multiple modes boost response rates.
  • Digital Administrator:  Identifies customers needing follow-up, sends alerts to staff & manages follow-up.
  • Digital Analyst:  Trends NPS by Segment.


  • Answer the “why” behind the NPS score. Identify what is working and what needs improvement.
  • Measures Continuous Improvement by Segment

We were able to gain greater insight into areas in need of improvement at each step in our customer journey in ways that would not have been possible without eXalt Knowledge Bots.

-Marketing Manager, Technology Company


Dave the Knowledge Bot is available in both web and chat form to collect user survey information.  Dave supports multiple modes of distribution:  EMAIL, Links and chat on partner websites allowing segmentation by partners and enhancing response rates.

  • Benefit to Buyer:  Provide Feedback and get rapid response when appropriate.
  • Benefit to Seller:  Define and Build a Listening Strategy at all points along the customer journey.
    • Establish Closed Loop Feedback for surveys by immediately routing detractors to customer support.
    • Measure Customer Experience Trends
  • Summary of Benefit: Sales were able to increase as a result of measuring:
    • What the company does well in customer journey
    • Areas to Improve: product, support, availability, etc.