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eXalt Solutions Earns Patent Award For Codeless Platform

Codeless Knowledge Work-as-a-Service Platform Enables Companies to Accelerate Time-to-Value of Knowledge-Based Sales Systems/p>

Boston, MA, October 9, 2017— eXalt Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based Knowledge Based Sales Systems for B2B enterprises, announced today that it has been awarded US Patent No. 9,754,315 entitled, “Intelligent Multimedia E-Catalog,” raising the company’s portfolio to five issued patents. This latest patent relates to the company’s innovative “codeless” technology. 

The patent bolsters eXalt’s ability to deploy rules-driven Digital Advisors, Administrators and Analysts for B2B solutions sales without any custom programming. eXalt’s codeless architecture allows for rapid customization of any layer of a customer application deployed on its Knowledge Work-as-a-Service (KWaaS) platform, and offers the following unique features versus traditional codeless platforms:

  1. Truly Codeless Web Application Deployment: Without any programming or java script, web pages can be created for a) digital advisors that provide advanced recommendations; b) digital administrators that can route requests to any endpoint; and c) digital analysts that can profile according to a rules set. Traditional codeless platforms have been focused on mobile applications as opposed to web applications.

  2. Unprecedented Flexibility in User Interface Customization: eXalt accommodates deployment of web-based user interface changes in an agile fashion without programming. This includes behaviors that typically require javascript. The dynamically generated user interface is fully responsive. Traditional codeless platforms have offered very limited templates that restrict user interface customization.

  3. Knowledge Rules Blocks: eXalt supports rules-based behaviors and guides user choices according to business rules. It supports additions, deletions, and modifications of product attributes and rules without the use of programming. Any type of product or service can be built with the Knowledge Rules Blocks without programming. Traditional codeless platforms have not addressed adding rules-based interactions.

  4. Knowledge Stacks: Multiple Knowledge Rules Blocks can be combined in one user experience to support building multi-vendor solutions and advisement for solution recommendations.

  5. Personalized Tenants: Different users can be presented different branding, user interface layouts, rules, and navigation, and also augment content in the application web page. Personalized versions of the user interface and rules are ideal for supporting partner ecosystems in B2B sales chains.

eXalt’s codeless approach enables sales applications to be implemented exponentially faster at a fraction of the cost of traditional knowledge-based support systems that require considerable manual programming and customization.

eXalt’s Knowledge Work-as-a-Service Platform helps leading companies leverage the cloud to deliver powerful, new automated solutions to meet the escalating needs of their global customers. Customers can easily and quickly navigate the latest product options to best meet their increasingly complex technical and business requirements.

"Our goal is to transform the B2B sales process with advanced AI rules-based recommendation advisors for the front office, and digital administrators for the back office. By empowering users to easily and readily solve business problems, our customers can increase sales without adding overhead. Our codeless platform is unique and will speed up the development of AI-based rules advisors and administrators. Our customers no longer have to undertake burdensome IT development projects to deploy powerful sales applications," said Leslie H. Swanson, CEO of eXalt Solutions. “We are creating a completely new approach for delivery of powerful, cloud-based digital advisors and administrators that streamline the B2B sales process."

About eXalt Solutions, Inc.

Our mission is to enable companies to sell more, more profitably by making processes digital end-to-end without human touch. Our patented Knowledge Work-as-a-Service (KWaaS) cloud platform scales out the B2B enterprise with three types of digital knowledge workers: Digital Advisors help buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve problems; Digital Administrators make businesses more connected to themselves and each other resulting in agility; and Digital Analysts offer businesses improved visibility and can anticipate and act on change. eXalt’s philosophy is Better Together where humans and digital knowledge workers produce more at a higher level of quality as a team – giving our customers unlimited scale. For more information visit: