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eXalt Solutions Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Knowledge Bots to Transform Enterprise Customer Experiences and Scale Sales Productivity

The Knowledge Work-as-a-Service (KwaaS) platform’s new “Knowledge Bots” are a groundbreaking interface that for the first time can address complexities of the B2B sales process.

Boston, MA, December 11, 2017— eXalt Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based Knowledge-Based Sales Systems for B2B enterprises, announced today that it has released a new chatbot interface for its Knowledge Work-as-a-Service (KwaaS) Platform. This new feature provides users with the choice of using an intuitive conversational interface in conjunction with  a web form based experience or independently. And unlike traditional chatbots eXalt’s new chatbots leverage the KWaaS Platform’s rules engine to conduct more stateful dynamic conversations.   This release represents another step forward in eXalt’s mission to empower companies to deliver more personalized and intelligent customer engagement.

eXalt has dubbed the chatbot as a “Knowledge Bot.” The Knowledge Bot offers many advantages over classic chatbots, including:

  1. Common Knowledgebase for Codeless Web or Chat Deployment: With one instance of rules or meta data put into a KwaaS platform, users can deploy a web form experience and/or a chatbot experience. 
  2. Seamless Session: The Knowledge Bots are part of a seamless session that is shared across both the web and chat.
  3. Conversational Context or Memory: Knowledge Bots are able to conduct dynamic conversations – they remember prior parts of the conversation and are able to adjust downstream responses. 
  4. Support Complex Conversations: Knowledge Bots have the intelligence of your best experts and can support more complex conversations. They can advise and act as full fledged recommendation advisors as well as perform rules based administrative tasks.
  5. Personalized Conversations: Knowledge Bots support sustained Personalized Conversations tailored for different customers or partners.

eXalt’s architecture allows customers to build a knowledge base once and quickly deploy multiple interfaces (web and/or chat). Both web and chat channels can be connected to eXalt’s three types of digital knowledge workers: Digital Advisors that help buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve problems; Digital Administrators that make businesses more connected to themselves and each other resulting in agility; and Digital Analysts that offer businesses improved visibility and can anticipate and act on change. 

eXalt has successfully implemented its Knowledge Bot to assist in Sales conversations for both Server Solutions and VoIP telephony solutions.

eXalt Knowledge Bots Support Complex Contextual Conversations in B2B Sales

Gartner estimates that by 2020 85% of customer interactions will be without a human agent.

Unfortunately most chatbots are not able to address the B2B sales process because they 1) require a significant amount of manual programming for complex conversations; 2) lack context or memory of prior parts of the conversation and the ability to dynamically adjust responses based on this history and 3) support generic instead of personalized conversations;   These limitations have stopped many companies from offering a chatbot for advisement and qualification in the B2B sales process.

The eXalt Knowledge Bots address these limitations. eXalt’s KWaaS platform supports codeless deployment of both web and chat based interfaces from a single knowledge base – providing support for  complex conversations without a lot of error-prone programming.   eXalt’s Knowledge Bots are capable of adapting dialog for complex conversations based on prior responses as well as personalizing responses based on user identity.

"Our goal is to transform the B2B sales process with advanced AI rules-based digital advisors for the front office and digital administrators for the back office. Offering an alternative to a web-based interface with a personalized conversational interface is the next step in our journey,” said Leslie H. Swanson, CEO of eXalt Solutions.

Swanson continues: “Our Knowledge Bots offer the ultimate B2B customer experience with unprecedented engagement and the ability to have dynamic conversations. When there is a need to talk to a human, the bot can seamlessly hand off to the right resource at the right time. This is another example of our commitment to our vision of Better Together, where every sales team includes digital knowledge workers and can realize dramatically improved productivity and lead generation.” 

About eXalt Solutions, Inc.

Our mission is to enable companies to sell more, more profitably by making processes digital end-to-end without human touch. Our patented Knowledge Work-as-a-Service (KWaaS) cloud platform scales out the B2B enterprise with three types of digital knowledge workers: Digital Advisors help buyers access smarter ways to shop and solve problems, Digital Administrators make businesses more connected to themselves and each other resulting in agility, and Digital Analysts offer business improved visibility and can anticipate and act on change. eXalt’s philosophy is Better Together where humans and digital knowledge workers produce more at a higher level of quality as a team – giving our customers unlimited scale. For more information visit: