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Producing more at a level of quality that could only be produced as a team.

Designed to Deliver the Right Digital Team On-Demand to Assist Organizations of any Size in Any Industry.

Keep pace in today’s accelerated digital universe by transforming the way work happens. Get more work done every day by leaving the high touch manual work to your digital co-workers. Realize unlimited scale.

digital advisors
for front office applications
Customer Interaction Management (Learn More)

Provide Customized Self-Service Experience Tailored for the Customer

Sales Interaction Management (Learn More)

Sell Complete Multi-Vendor Solutions Not Products

Technical Interaction Management (Learn More)

Drive Best Practices according to your business rules

digital administrators
for back office applications
Partner Interaction Management (Learn More)

Collaborate Seamlessly inside and outside with people and systems

Digital Transaction Management (Learn More)

Remove the friction inherent in transactions that involve people, documents, and data.

digital analyst
for business insight
Predictive Intelligence (Learn More)

Gain Insight not Hindsight

find out how the world is changing ...fast......

Customer Experience in the Front Office - Companies like Amazon have redefined expectations for customer experience in B2C and now raised the bar for B2B. Giving customers a powerful self service environment is a “Must have” not a “Nice to have”.

As the Digital Transformation economy compresses pricing in many sectors, 60% of B2B and 80% of B2C enterprises will overhaul their “digital front doors” - and the customer engagement systems behind them - to support 1,000 to 10,000 times more customers and customer touch points than they do today. They will have to deliver dramatically more personalized customer service — IDC.


39% Are using industry platforms to integrate data and applications with digital business partners and collaborate, while 35% are experimenting with industry platform

— Accenture

Company Agility in the Back Office - Operational excellence and speed is one of the most important competitive advantages in sales. Old fashioned email, phone calls, silos inside and outside the company must be replaced with a digital process that knows no borders


Predictive Analytics - Shift from traditional BI to Predictive Actionable Insights

A Major Shift is underway from traditional BI to Predictive Actionable Insights